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I give practical legal advice in relation to regulatory matters affecting businesses. I have a broad and balanced perspective and I am aware of the multiple issues and their relative importance.

I advise on general compliance matters common to all businesses, such as tax, companies law, employment, competition, IT /IP etc. I also advise on sector specific legislation.

I am intimately familiar with the mechanics of the State. I have a long-standing interest in public policy issues and have a practical perspective on both the relevant regulation and its context.

I undertake legal compliance reviews on matters relevant to individual businesses. I have written a unique guide on virtually all areas of Irish regulation and law. This has required me to understand the detailed regulation and compliance issues that apply in various business sectors.

I am familiar with the public law and judicial review framework, applicable to challenging state decisions. I have undertaken a number of judicial review cases in various sectors.

I have advised on  professional services regulation. I am worked on the less commonly encountered regulatory schemes, such as those concerning intoxicating liquor and excise licensing, security services and property services.

I have lectured on financial regulation compliance matters. I have qualifications in Banking, Finance and Compliance. I have lectured and written extensively on consumer codes in the areas of financial services and insurance.

I spent  many years assembling and categorising the Irish Statutes and Statutory Instruments in the context of the project to put the Irish statutes on CD ROM. I remained interested in and abreast of statutory and other regulatory developments. I have used this experience to write the Irish Legal Guide.

I have  sought to maintain an international perspective. I am written on and have followed the equivalent regulation in the United Kingdom and in some cases in other jurisdictions in particular, the United States and in Continental Europe.



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