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I have undertaken all steps and procedures in members (solvent) voluntary liquidations in the course of the reorganisations of companies and groups and the distribution of company assets.

I have undertaken creditors (insolvent) voluntary liquidations on behalf o the directors. I have advised creditors in relation to involuntary and court winding up of companies.

I have advised several leading insolvency practitioners on a wide range of legal issues that arise in the course of insolvency. I have advised on and implemented arrangements for the realisation and disposals of assets in winding up. I have acted in the recovery of assets and on examination of insolvent companies’ officers in the course of winding up.

I have advised financial institution and creditors on insolvency issues that have arisen in the context of loans, securities and facilities.  I have advised and acted in numerous receiverships for lender appointed receivers.

I advised on corporate and personal insolvency work issues that arose in England and Wales which has had a voluntary insolvency arrangement system for individuals before equivalent provision was made in Ireland in 2013. I have advised Irish creditors and lenders in relation to applications by borrowers for personal insolvency arrangments in Ireland.

I  wrote detailed guides which covered Irish and UK insolvency for lender clients in 2009 and subsequently lectured in the Law Society on these issues. I have written detailed summaries of bankruptcy, personal insolvency arrangement, company insolvency, liquidations and examinership which is available on the Irish Legal Guide website.

My  experience in the area of insolvency includes

  • completing voluntary solvent liquidations in reorganisation
  • undertaking creditors voluntary liquidation
  • advising arranging and attending creditors meetings in winding up
  • representing creditors in insolvency meetings, proceedings and generally
  • initiating court based insolvency
  • acting in examiners hearings
  • mortgage and security enforcement
  • insolvency arrangements and agreements between liquidators, examiners and others
  • hiving down of assets to non-corporate
  • advising lenders on personal insolvency arrangements
  • acting in set-aside and recouping assets for insolvency practitioners
  • disclaiming leases
  • acting in insolvency examination of debtors
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