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EU Laws

European Union law effectively sets out the rules of the EU single market in goods and services. By understanding European Union law, businesses can understand what they can do and how they can sell into the European Union market of 500 million people.

I advise businesses on European Union laws relevant to  setting up in or selling into Europe. EU law is part of Irish law, but offers the assurance that its common rules and principles are applied throughout the European Union.

Based primarily on my experience in practising English law, underpinned by numerous common EU rules, I have written Brexit Legal (an Irish Guide) which contains over 300 articles on the legal aspects of Brexit.

More than half of these articles are based on matters of European Union law, which stand to be removed upon Brexit taking effect. Brexit Legal also offers a guide on doing business in Europe by highlighting the common EU rules that apply.

I have a general familiarity with the legal systems and basic laws of several of the main European Union countries. Using EU law principles, I have worked with partner firms in other European Union countries in relation to cross jurisdiction issues that arise for Irish Businesses.


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