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I have advised on numerous legal and compliance issues for businesses in most sectors and for individuals over the last 25 years. This has ranged from general compliance obligations in relation to matters such as companies law, tax and employment to compliance with sector specific licensing and regulatory issues.

I have a long standing interest in law, regulation and policy from a legal, social and economic perspective.  In the 1990s, I worked extensively on a project to Irish legislation onto CD-ROM and was a consultant for one of the principal legal publishers in tendering for that work.

I have written the Irish Legal Guide. Future releases of modules of this work, which are already fully written, include detailed accounts of most areas of public administration as well as summaries of the legislation applying in most sectors, such as financial services, energy, transport, communications, hospitality and regulated professions.

I can bring a cross disciplinary approach and perspective on legal risk management and compliance.  best practice in many areas the applicable law and legislation is far from clear.

I can assist organisations in relation to legal compliance and training in their sector.  I undertake CPD in law, tax and financial services annually for almost 20 years and I am familiar with the requirements in these and other sectors.

I can present original and relevant materials and take questions and answers in accordance with the organisation’s needs. I have undertaken CPD lectures regularly for many years, principally for solicitors but also for accountants and by way of inhouse presentations.

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