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About Us

McMahon Legal, Solicitors

This website is published by Paul McMahon, principal of McMahon Legal, Solicitors and Legal Consultants. McMahon Legal offers a range of solicitor, tax and legal consultancy services. Details of McMahon Legal’s services are available here and through the Services tab in the top menu.

McMahon Legal’s website can be viewed through this link. Details about the firm and Paul McMahon are available on the McMahon Legal website here.

Irish Legal Guide

Paul has written all the content of the Irish Legal Guide, which is a unique, wide-ranging guide to Irish Law.  It is an in-depth summary of almost all areas of Irish law, regulation and practice. 

Irish Legal Guide includes the cases and legislation on each topic and is available at  

Irish Legal Blog

Irish Legal Blog contains over 2,000 articles in draft form, which are intended for ultimate publication on Irish Legal Guide. It is available at

It includes detailed material on tax, agriculture,  constitutional law, criminal law, financial services and investments, families and children, transport, communication, energy,  health, education, social welfare, policing and security, governmental organisation and the mechanics of the state.

This Website

This website is a legal blog containing draft material which has been published in a more complete form with the legislation and cases on Irish Legal Guide ( 

Other Websites

Paul has also written and published  UK Law (An Irish Overview) and Brexit Legal (An Irish Guide). UK Legal (An Irish Overview) contains over 400 articles on doing business in the UK, primarily for Irish businesses and residents with UK interests. Brexit Legal (An Irish Guide) now contains over 500 articles on Brexit-related issues with extensive further guidance by the EU, UK and Irish Governments.

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